16.08.2012, 05:45 ::
From birth it was difficult to put my litlte man down he was (and still is) what William and Martha Sears describe as a high needs baby . Trying to carry him in arms and do things like housework, cooking and shopping was almost impossible imagine me trying to bake scones using only one hand!A lovely friend pointed me towards BCD and life just got easier and happier from there! I found some wonderfully comfortable carriers which allowed me to be close to my litlte one and continue to do all the day-to-day things that Mothers need to do. As long as I carry my baby he is content.I now have an attentive litlte toddler who I still carry daily being close to me while I'm busy allows him to be a part of my world. He is aware of all my subtle body language and is a part of what I am doing all the while his litlte mind is storing away these wonderful experiences and learning.It is great being part of a group of people who appreciate the benefits of having your litlte one close. The invaluable advice I've received and the friendships I've made have enriched my life.