16.08.2012, 05:49 ::
I have carried my babeis in various slings with not much comfort for either of us. In fact, lots of back, neck and shoulder pain for me and carpel tunnel in my wrists and hands. I stumbled upon the BCD website and was so relieved to have found somewhere to help with finding a better alternative. The site moderator, Paulus, has been so quick to help, offer experienced and wise advice. I've only had my new wrap (Storchenweige) for a couple of days and am so happy and relieved to be wearing my bubs in such a comfortable and secure way with both hands free! The weave/material is so beautiful to feel and look at. Thank you so much. I love it! And thanks for the great web links re. video demonstrations of tying the wrap these have added a few tricks to tying that I couldn't see in the instructional DVD that came with the wrap! I am now a wrap addict! Big thanks!