16.08.2012, 04:42 ::
At least at the local Apple Store here, my new Mac Mini came with Tiger in the box. Not preinstalled, but ready to be iltnalsed. Sadly, it wasn't $370. More like $870. I couldn't bring myself not to get the souped up version with the faster CPU, 80GB instead of 40, 512MB instead of 256, BlueTooth, WiFi, and SuperDrive. That's an $850 config. Add AppleCare (which I was reluctant to buy, but even Consumer Reports thinks it's worthwhile, and they hate extended warranties) and you hit the $1k mark for the whole package. Even with our corporate partnership discount the tax pushed it over $1k total. But I do love my Mini.

25.05.2010, 12:40 ::
z tych liter mozna jeszcze ulozyc SILVER :)
chociaz elvis jest lepszy!

20.05.2010, 13:53 ::
Dobre, grunt to pyszny pomysł to jak już znana PUMBA zamiast PUMA

20.05.2010, 11:59 ::
elvis żyje!