16.08.2012, 05:07 ::
I joined BCD about 6 weeks ago and can htlesony say it has changed my life!I am mum to (now) 8 month old twins, and daily life consisted of battles with a twin pram to go out, attempting to juggle two babies awkwardly when they were unsettled, or worse only being able to soothe one at a time, at times unable to attend to housework, and generally feeling there must be a better way yes twins are meant to be harder work, but surely not like this.BCD has given me the information and confidence to now carry two at once (not to mention access to great carriers) and I'm hooked.It is now a regular site for me to be wandering around the neighbourhood, markets/shops or just out and about, wearing one bubby on the back, the other on the front. The freedom is unbelievable I can get housework done, go shopping WITH A TROLLY (twin prams don't hold much, and don't fit through normal checkouts) and there are places I can now go a twin pram could not. If they're unsettled, I put them on and my boys fall asleep within moments. It's just the most magical feeling snuggling and being snuggled by both of them, knowing they're safe.I get many looks and comments, my favourite is you've got your hands full I hold up both my hands innocently and reply no, my hands are free yours could be too!Thank you Paulus and everyone for all your great tips and wonderful encouragement.Ange(oh-and the pram has only had a run twice in this time, and seemed so cumbersome!)